Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Mon raison d'être" - A Relevant Exemplification Essay - 11/11 - Q.D. Britt

"Mon raison d'être" - A Relevant Exemplification Essay - 11/11 - Q.D. Britt

It's a sad day when devout die-hard Christians let there devote church-going kids wear 'You Suck' T-shirts, yet I get judged as a Sinner when I have dedicated my life to preventing violence, keeping people spirits up and showing them what it's like when you are a true man of Faith.

I am out there promoting peace talking people down, breaking up dangerous situations. I am out there making sure people have the freewill to do what they please yet showing them that they can still enjoy themselves without letting their vices control their lives and informed on how to be safe themselves.

My whole life is to make sure people are free to enjoy themselves & to be able to do that peacefully and safe from physical & mental harm from others.

I am not a cop & nothing like one, I have no respect for so called men & women who enforce the arbitrary laws of Man, and kill & beat innocent people just because they are ordered. I can say this & whole-heartily believe this because it takes a specific type of person to take an oath to uphold things they may not believe regardless of ANY & ALL self moral objections, and call it "justice." They are simply instruction followers, that have criminalized freewill its self and they will murder you if you follow your own freewill instead of their self-imposed authority over you. One should NEVER be harassed assaulted, detained or, as I said, murdered, for actions that do not cause harm/harassment to others in the same accord.

Freewill is a holy blessing from god and should be respected as such. the fact that we have freewill yet God knows ALL things is a great miracle of God. Jesus shows this to Peter when he tell him: "before the cock crows twice you shall deny me thrice."(Mark 14:30) Showing him that he had the freewill to deny or claim Jesus as he pleased and even though he was aware of Jesus denial predictions and sincerely did not want to deny the Lord, Peter was himself scared(understandably so), and going by his own rational HE decided to deny Jesus those 3 times, and when he understood this and realized that the lord knew all things regardless of freewill, he broke down and cried, for he recognized the miracle. This is one the most currently relevant, life-inspiring passages we have today. Also in (14:36) when the Lord is saying his Abba Father's he also says "not what I will but what thou wilt" which mean that even tho Jesus has freewill just as we all do, he chooses to follow the will of God.

I directly follow the will of God it is the reason for my life, teaching and keeping peace, showing complete strangers that someone loves them enough to show them compassion, caring & mercy, to tell my blessings AND to put HIS OWN LIFE on the line to do so...

I am not a preacher & nothing like one, I have no respect for any so-called men & women who have received even one cent profiting off the word of God, taking from the community for self gain. Profiteering all in the name of helping people save their own souls through Christ is EVIL, it is a Sin, pointblank. Helping the world to receive pure salvation is NEVER a job. It is a lifestyle. It is not yelling to the same crowd of elitist Christians every week, demonizing specific groups of sinner by personal condemnation alienating people, causing hate, biased attitudes, and judgmental behavior toward FELLOW sinners, to spread as some perverse botched "message of Christ." We are all Sinners, none greater none worse, it is not humanity's place to judge or define us in any regard to a mutual universal crime we are all guilty/capable of, and there is NO monetary compensation for spreading salvation. This is definition sacrilege.

I am out there with the Sinners, I am out there with the drug addicts, I am out there with the prostitutes, I am out there with the homeless, I am out there with the thieves, I am out there with the alcoholics, I am out there with the adulterers, I am out there with the gays, I am out there with the flashy wasteful jealous people, I am out there with the killers.

I am out there risking MY LIFE for the world, I am out there telling my testimonies and the blessings of my life, I am out there talking people down from suicides, I am out there stopping muggings, I am out there stopping stabbings, I am out there stopping bleedings, I am out there preventing shootings, I am out there stopping rapes.

I am out there showing people how astounding an outlook you have on life when you walk in peace as Jesus did. That you can still have fun in life & peace of mind and total salvation. AND at the same time I'm taking it upon myself to put my life on the line to protect EVERYONE regardless, and to keep them in good moods and stress-free with all the hate, strife and pain(both physical & emotional) in the world today.

I am out there giving my life to show the people who need it, a better path just like the Lord wants and it's working.

I am out there saving lives.

I am out there changing lives.

I am out there saving souls.

I made an important decision to walk in the image of the Lord, and no one can see it because they don't read their own bibles and they judge by dictated faux-Christian standards that are against the will of God.