Saturday, March 19, 2011

Long time, no post...

Sorry Thumpers, The Document's been super busy helping run We Hongry Records so I haven't had time to DJ at home and record a mix for you wonderful internet folks. Don't fret, it'll definitely be made up soon cuz some big news is coming!! I can't really talk about it yet but trust me you will get THUMPED good and hard again in due time :)

soo anywho on with the rest of the update...

As I was inventing a new Crack Rap genre last night(shoutout to League of Extraordinary Rockfiends!!), I receive yet another brick through my window.(actually I think it's a meteor... it was smoking and burned its way to my basement cellar.)

This was of course another message from Olin. This time it was written in mirror message cuneiform, so I got out my compact mirror and "The DJs guide to Cuneiform" and got to work. Here's the message in english, the second one seems to be a new form of poetry he(or she) invented, cool beans!! ...not as cool as my Crackhead Rap genre tho :P


24th Present 11

I sit.

Aimlessly seeking the demise of the boredom endearing.

It comes.
It does not come.

It matters not.

For the wait..., the wait kills me a thousand times till Tuesday,
And the seeking sears my soul,
And box my heart,
In an unforeseen rage beyond past and future.

---- Olin


Hope haunts my hierarchy in a manner most befitting Hades hounds.

Alluring as it almost is, I opt to alleviate my ails through the Almighty.

The terrible torrential tempest of thought tempt me in a twist.

Everlasting eludes me evermore in exchange for an emerging epiphany of essential ecstasy.

---- Olin